Compact Course AI

Generative AI Strategies

for C-Level & Senior Managers

Next course: 16.11.2023

Leadership and Strategy in the AI Era: Understand the technology, challenges and potential of generative AI for your business.


  • Understanding (Generative) AI
  • Application areas and examples of (Generative) AI
  • Development of (Generative) AI strategies, between Make or Buy
  • Overview of successful AI project management
  • AI Team: Roles and leadership
  • Ethical and legal issues, and liability risks in the development and use of AI
  • Change management and communication about AI in the company
  • Practical tips and discussions
  • Introduction and use of sample tools

Additional information:
The compact course is led by experts from DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) and from industry. In addition, a moderator guides you through the course. Upon participation you will receive the certificate “(Generative) AI for C-Level and Executives”.

Key Information:

Audience:C-Level, Executive Management, Senior Managers (No previous knowledge in IT and AI is necessary)
Duration:Compact course (1,5 days)
Price:€ 2.250,- excl. VAT


Experts for this course:

Dr. Philipp Schlenkhoff

Dr. Sven Schmeier

Conrad Schlenkhoff

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16.11. & 17.11.2023


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11.12. & 12.12.2023


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07.03. & 08.03.2024


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06.11. & 07.11.2024


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Mastering the
AI transformation


Start Day 1DurationTopic
9:450:30Introduction AI
10:150:30AI: Application Areas & Examples


11:001:30Generative AI


13:30 0:30 Exemplary Tool & Prompting Basics
14:00 0:30 Generative AI: Use Cases & Examples


14:451:00Generative AI Strategies


16:000:45Successful AI Project Management
16:450:30AI Teams: Roles & Leadership


Start Day 2DurationTopic
9:301:00Ethical and Legal Challenges (e.g. AI Liability) for the Development and Use of AI


10:451:00Change Management and Communication for the AI Transformation within Organisations
11:450:30Workshop: Case Study Pt. 1


12:300:30Workshop: Case Study Pt.2

Course details:

Understanding (Generative) AI: Get a clear insight into the fundamentals of AI and Generative AI. Learn the essential concepts and technologies to evaluate current and future developments.

Application Areas and Examples of (Generative) AI: Understand how these technologies are already being used successfully in various industries today.

Development of (Generative) AI Strategies, between Make or Buy: With our strategy framework we work out possible AI strategies together. Learn with examples how to make informed decisions between Make or Buy.

Overview of Successful AI Project Management: Develop an understanding of the basic principles of successful AI project management. Learn how to efficiently plan, execute and control AI projects.

AI Team – Roles and Leadership: Understand the key roles and leadership skills required to build and lead a successful AI team.

Ethical and Legal Issues in AI Development and Use: Take an in-depth look at the ethical and legal aspects of AI. Explore how to use AI responsibly and minimize potential (liability) risks.

Change Management and Communication on AI in the Company: Learn how to ensure a smooth integration of AI initiatives into your organization. Learn how to effectively manage change and drive adoption across the organization.

Practical tips and discussions: Benefit from practical tips and lively discussions that will enrich your learning experience and help you put the knowledge you’ve learned into action.

Introduction and application of sample tools: Get a hands-on introduction to selected tools that can help you implement AI initiatives.

About the experts:

Dr. Philipp Schlenkhoff LL.M. corp. restruc. is not only an expert in corporate strategy but also combines this with technological and legal acumen. As a leader, he is known for his expertise in linking technology, distribution and corporate law, developing strategies that cover both the areas of innovation and legal compliance.

His LL.M. in Corporate Restructuring highlights his mastery of the intricacies of corporate transformations, mergers, acquisitions and the legal nuances of corporate change. This unique combination of technological foresight and legal insight enables him to navigate the complexities of the corporate landscape with unmatched precision.

In his role at GIANCE Technologies, a renowned Deep Tech AI/NLP spin-off of the German Research Center for AI (DFKI), Philipp’s versatile skills come into their own. He bridges the gap between cutting-edge research projects and their entrepreneurial implementation, ensuring legal compliance at every step. The establishment of the transformative business model and the successful transition into UNICEPTA Corporate Intelligence GmbH were milestones that benefited greatly from his expertise in sales, strategy and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Sven Schmeier, Chief Engineer and Deputy Head of the Language Technology Lab at DFKI, has an illustrious career marked by innovation and leadership in AI and machine learning. With key roles in start-ups like XtraMind, semgine, and Yocoy, Sven has been instrumental in pioneering technologies and translating them into commercial success.

His academic journey commenced at the University of Saarland, majoring in Physics and Computer Science. His master’s thesis, revolving around a multi-agent system for scheduling, laid a solid foundation for his career. Furthermore, his Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics, focused on exploratory searches on mobile devices, underscores his depth in research. Having spent substantial years at DFKI, Sven has been instrumental in more than 20 international projects. His guest lectures at various institutions, such as DHBW Heilbronn and TU Berlin, reflect his dedication to share knowledge and inspire future AI aficionados. With a patent to his name, myriad successful research stints, and an innate understanding of the innovation cycle, Sven epitomizes the blend of theory and practice in AI.

In essence, Dr. Sven Schmeier’s career paints a vivid portrait of scholarly depth, entrepreneurial spirit, and an unwavering commitment to advancing the AI frontier.

Conrad Schlenkhoff’s trajectory in the digital landscape intertwines a strategic mindset with a deep commitment to practical execution, notably in leadership and change management roles. As the COO of an intelligent mobility software start-up, he gained firsthand experience in bridging visionary ideas with tangible, AI-enhanced applications. His previous roles at Oetker Digital and Hubert Burda Media equipped him with a multifaceted perspective, balancing operational rigors with the ever-evolving challenges of technological innovation and organizational transformation.

On the academic front, Conrad has consistently sought depth and breadth. He earned an Honours Degree in Technology Management from the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) and pursued a Master’s in Business Administration from LMU Munich. Additionally, he enriched his academic insights with selected MBA courses and a research stay at Columbia Business School.

Above all, Conrad is a bridge between strategy and execution, with a deep understanding of AI’s evolving role in the digital era. His diverse experiences make him an excellent communicator, able to moderate and guide discussions with insight and nuance.

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