Events: All Hands Meeting with a strong panel and a big announcement

When Germany’s AI Elite Gather, Innovation Ignites: Yesterday marked a great moment for us as our Co-Founders, Dr. Philipp Schlenkhoff, LL.M. and Conrad Schlenkhoff, had the unparalleled experience of attending the All Hand Meeting that brought together Germany’s six AI Competence Centres. The event was nothing short of transformative!

Panel Participation: Dr. Philipp Schlenkhoff, LL.M. had the honor of sharing the stage with Mario Brandenburg, Parliamentary State Secretary at Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Dr. Tina Kluewer, Prof. Dr. Alexander Meyer, and Dr. Joachim Koehler. They delved into a pressing topic: “Is AI changing the transfer from research to application?” The exchange was enlightening and emphasized that it was not a political awareness problem, but rather an implementation challenge.

And Then, A Mic Drop Moment! The eminent Prof. Dr. Sepp Hochreiter, the Father of LSTMs, introduced xLSTMs – a revolutionary GenAI Architecture. According to him, xLSTMs outperform Transformer architectures—the very engine that powers OpenAI’s ChatGPT—by a staggering margin.

The European Challenge: To unlock the full potential of xLSTMs, the key is securing adequate funding to scale this technology in Europe. Imagine a European-founded and funded OpenAI on steroids! This could be a monumental leap forward in maintaining Europe’s competitive edge in AI.

What Does This Mean For Us All? Should #xLSTMs indeed outperform existing architectures, the implications would be monumental. This could usher in a new era, amplifying the #genAI‘s already large transformative potential.

Let’s Make It Happen, Together!
As we’re committed to “Mastering the AI Transformation Together,” let’s open up the dialogue. What are your thoughts on the future of AI and its transformative potential, especially within Europe?

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