AI Knowledge: What are vector databases?

Vector databases play big role in the data world!

Have you ever had trouble finding similar content in texts, images or even tweets?

Ordinary databases are great, but they have their limitations. With few exceptions, they can only find exact matches. However, imagine a database that finds semantically similar content across documents, images, and more.

This is where vector databases come in.

What are vector databases?

They are the pacesetters of modern search technology. Instead of just storing documents as data objects, they convert them into “semantic fingerprints” that we know as neural embeddings. The same technology is behind AI working with #NeuralNetworks!

Why should I care?

Imagine if you could not only search for a specific keyword, but also find similar concepts, images, or documents. Vector databases allow you to do just that through algorithms that calculate similarities such as “cosine similarity” or “Euclidean distance”, but now based on semantic concepts rather than words. This allows you to perform complex queries that go far beyond what traditional databases offer.

How does it all work?

If you’ve ever done a search on Google, you’ve indirectly interacted with a data structure called an “inverted index.” Vector databases use similar but more advanced technologies that operate on semantic representations in many dimensions, allowing searches across different document types such as text, images, emails, and more.

Application examples in the enterprise context

Content curation: Find topic-related articles, studies, or presentations for your marketing team.

Market research: Identify trends and competitors by searching different document types.

E-Commerce: Improve product recommendations through semantic search and comparison.

Customer Support: Find relevant FAQs or support documents faster to answer customer inquiries efficiently.

Bonus: You can also manage these databases normally, i.e. create, read, update, and delete data (#CRUD). And all this without much effort!

This sounds like science fiction, but it’s already reality! Be excited about the new world opened up by #vector databases. They are a game changer for #KI, #DataScience and #BusinessIntelligence.

If you have any questions or are interested in a deep discussion, we look forward to your messages.

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