AI Research: “BCG consultants get 25.1% faster and 40% better with ChatGPT 4.0!”

“BCG consultants get 25.1% faster and 40% better with ChatGPT 4.0!” – This headline with the above picture made a splash on LinkedIn. Impressive, right? But how often did you read the following aspect of results?

19% higher probability of wrong decisions. On tasks that ChatGPT was not trained on. Yes, it’s in the paper too. Here is the link.

Why is this important to you?
No potential without risks: On the one hand, generative AI enables significant productivity and quality gains. On the other hand, a lack of understanding can cause costly errors.

Your solution? The AI Transformation Institute.
As a leading educational institution in generative AI, we offer courses that are at the cutting edge of science. With us, you’ll learn not only how to maximize the benefits of AI, but also how it works and where the limitations lie.

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