Compact Course

The Compliant AI Product

Next course: 27.11.2023

Understand AI technology and the related legal challenges, from GDPR, AI liability to the AI Act, and beyond.


  • Short Intro (Generative) AI
  • AI Applications
  • Generative AI Strategies for Corporates
  • AI Project Management
  • AI Ethics, Frameworks and Organizational Options
  • Data Protection and GDPR
  • AI Discrimination
  • Liability for AI Products
  • IP, Copyright and Open Source licenses
  • EU AI Act
  • EU Data Act and Digital Markets Act (DMA)
  • Practical Tips and Discussions
  • AI Tools

Additional Notes:
This course should form our perspective be suitable for mandatory further training in accordance with § 15 FAO.
Ultimately, however, this decision is left to the respective chambers.

Key Information:

Audience:Entrepreneurs, Product Management, Marketing & Sales, Investors, Venture Capital Funds
Duration:Compact course (1,5 days)
Price:€ 1.800,- on site excl. VAT
€ 1.500,- online  excl. VAT


Experts for this Course:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Hacker

Dr. Philipp Schlenkhoff

Dr. Sven Schmeier

Conrad Schlenkhoff

Next Dates:


27.11. / 28.11.2023


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Mastering the
AI transformation


Start Day 1DurationTopic
9:450:30AI-Technology Fundamentals (before ChatGPT)
10:150:30Application Areas and Use Cases


10:551:00Generative AI: How does ist work? Implemetation Areas and Use Cases


12:050:45Generative AI Strategies for Corporates
12:500:45AI Project Management


13:000:15Compliance Strategy: Ethical Framework + Ethics Board
13:150:45AI & Data Protection I


14:100:45AI & Data Protection II
14:550:45Discrimination and Bias I


15:500:30Discrimination and Bias II
16:201:00Product Liability


Start Day 2DurationTopic
10:001:00IP / Copyright & (open source) licences


11:10 1:00 AI Act
12:10 0:30 EU Data Act und DMA


13:251:00Practical tips and discussion
14:251:00AI tools for your legal practise


15:050:30Learning assessment


“The Compliant AI Product Launch in Germany / EU”, a pivotal seminar crafted for everyone involved in bringing a generative AI product to market, with little if any legal knowledge. This comprehensive seminar equips you to navigate the labyrinth of AI and its confluence with law, covering aspects from AI liability, GDPR, discrimination, the AI Act, and beyond.

Make your AI product a success with “The Compliant AI Product Launch in Germany / EU “. Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to plan, build, execute and steer through the process of bringing an AI product to market and avoid costly drawbacks due to the intricacies of AI related legal challenges.

To create some common ground, your journey begins with an in-depth understanding of AI and generative AI. Engage with the workings of revolutionary products like ChatGPT and comprehend the legal implications they bring along. Grasp how AI can be broadly applied, identify patterns and uses, and learn about the strategic implications generative AI holds for corporates. Whether impacting core value creation processes or support processes, the influence of AI is undeniably significant.

As the seminar progresses, we delve into the practical aspects of AI applications development. From the intricacies of project management to the stages where legal advice becomes critical, we cover it all. Understand the various kinds of legal issues that might arise, and the best way to address them.

Next, we have the honor to host Prof. Dr. Philipp Hacker a distinguished law professor at the University of Frankfurt (Oder) who guides us through the complex intersection of AI, ethics, and law. After an introduction to AI and ethics, we explore organizational provisions and guidelines that can help preempt problems.

We then move to the heart of AI – Data. The seminar emphasizes data protection regulations, with a special focus on GDPR, always tying it back to the stages of AI project management. We also delve into the contentious subject of personal and personalizable data.
Subsequently, we tackle the thorny issue of bias and the resulting discrimination in AI. This is followed by an insightful session on product liability, an intriguing topic given AI’s probabilistic nature.

The seminar continues on the following day with a deep dive into IP and Copyright, acknowledging the role of open source licenses. Up next is a detailed explanation of the EU AI ACT followed by the EU Data Act, both legislative pieces not yet in force or finalized, but ones that are set to massively impact today’s product development decisions. We then discuss the EU DMA Digital Market Act.

After the information-rich sessions presented interactively, we facilitate an in-depth discussion on the impact and practical guidelines for implementing AI in a compliant way.

The seminar culminates with the demonstration and practical tips on tools that can be immediately implemented in your legal practice. For validation of your learning, we administer a short test, the successful completion of which awards you with our course certificate.

About the experts:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Hacker, LL.M. (Yale), a leading authority in the digital realm who is spearheading the intersection of Law and Technology. He holds the Chair for Law and Ethics of the Digital Society at the European New School of Digital Studies (ENS), at European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder). In 2021, he broadened his horizons as a Research Fellow at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Connected Society Berlin, a dynamic hub of innovative thought.

Before his influential role at ENS, Prof. Hacker carved out an illustrious career path that includes a stint as an AXA Postdoctoral Fellow at the Faculty of Law of Humboldt University of Berlin, a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute, and an A.SK Fellow at WZB Berlin Social Science Center. 

Prof. Hacker’s research is dedicated to exploring the frontier of law and technology. His interest in the implications of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things has led him to delve deep into aspects of consumer protection, privacy rights, anti-discrimination measures, and a broad spectrum regulatory law.

A trusted advisor to many, Prof. Hacker’s insights and recommendations regularly shape the decisions of national and EU legislators, regulatory agencies, and industry leaders. For Reference see his expert testimony at the German Bundestag from May 2023: (Link:; and the conference he organized for the United Nations in July 2023 (

Dr Philipp Schlenkhoff LL.M. corp. restruc. is not only an expert in corporate strategy, but combines this with technological and legal acumen. As a leader, he is known for his expertise in linking technology, distribution and corporate law, developing strategies that cover both the areas of innovation and legal compliance. His LL.M. in Corporate Restructuring highlights his mastery of the intricacies of corporate transformations, mergers, acquisitions and the legal nuances of corporate change. This unique combination of technological foresight and legal insight enables him to navigate the complexities of the corporate landscape with unmatched precision. In his role at GIANCE Technologies, a renowned Deep Tech AI/NLP spin-off of the German Research Center for AI (DFKI), Philipp’s versatile skills come into their own. He bridges the gap between cutting-edge research projects and their entrepreneurial implementation, ensuring legal compliance at every step. The establishment of the transformative business model and the successful transition into UNICEPTA Corporate Intelligence GmbH were milestones that benefited greatly from his expertise in sales, strategy and artificial intelligence.
Dr. Sven Schmeier, Chief Engineer and Deputy Head of the Language Technology Lab at DFKI, has an illustrious career marked by innovation and leadership in AI and machine learning. With key roles in start-ups like XtraMind, semgine, and Yocoy, Sven has been instrumental in pioneering technologies and translating them into commercial success.His academic journey commenced at the University of Saarland, majoring in Physics and Computer Science. His master’s thesis, revolving around a multi-agent system for scheduling, laid a solid foundation for his career. Furthermore, his Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics, focused on exploratory searches on mobile devices, underscores his depth in research. Having spent substantial years at DFKI, Sven has been instrumental in more than 20 international projects. His guest lectures at various institutions, such as DHBW Heilbronn and TU Berlin, reflect his dedication to share knowledge and inspire future AI aficionados. With a patent to his name, myriad successful research stints, and an innate understanding of the innovation cycle, Sven epitomizes the blend of theory and practice in AI. In essence, Dr. Sven Schmeier’s career paints a vivid portrait of scholarly depth, entrepreneurial spirit, and an unwavering commitment to advancing the AI frontier.

Conrad Schlenkhoff’s trajectory in the digital landscape intertwines a strategic mindset with a deep commitment to practical execution, notably in leadership and change management roles. As the COO of an intelligent mobility software start-up, he gained firsthand experience in bridging visionary ideas with tangible, AI-enhanced applications.

His previous roles at Oetker Digital and Hubert Burda Media equipped him with a multifaceted perspective, balancing operational rigors with the ever-evolving challenges of technological innovation and organizational transformation.

On the academic front, Conrad has consistently sought depth and breadth. He earned an Honours Degree in Technology Management from the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) and pursued a Master’s in Business Administration from LMU Munich. Additionally, he enriched his academic insights with selected MBA courses and a research stay at Columbia Business School.

Above all, Conrad is a bridge between strategy and execution, with a deep understanding of AI’s evolving role in the digital era. His diverse experiences make him an excellent communicator, able to moderate and guide discussions with insight and nuance.

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